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Body Attack Fighting Problem Areas
Body Attack Bauch-Beine-Po Trio Body Attack Bauch-Beine-Po Trio
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Body Attack

Bauch-Beine-Po Trio

Fighting Problem Areas

  • LIPO 100
  • Power Protein 90
  • H2Go

Body Attack Bauch-Beine-Po Trio Body Attack Bauch-Beine-Po Trio
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Bauch-Beine-Po Trio

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This package contains:
  1. Body Attack Power Protein 90 500g EUR 15,99 (RRP)
  2. Body Attack H2Go EUR 19,99 (RRP)
  3. Body Attack LIPO 100 FEM - 60 capsules EUR 19,99 (RRP)
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For strength athletes, it is a particular challenge to balance out the strengthening of specific muscle groups. Strength training is really successful only if the proportions are maintained. Particularly important for building muscles are proteins which can be considered as the building blocks for muscle growth. They contribute to the formation of new muscles, preserve the old muscles as well as the bones.

The Body Attack Power Protein 90 contains enough proteins to receive sufficient nutrients even during a demanding strength training. The proteins come mainly from whey, casein (milk protein) and ultra-filtered whey hydro-isolate, and thus have a high biological value. The higher the biological value, the better the body can use the proteins and amino acids for building up the muscles.

The diet package, Body Attack BBP-Trio also contains H2Go capsules of Body Attack, two of which should be consumed daily. The capsules should be taken whole with plenty of water. H2 Go of Body Attack is a combination of herbs and roots such as nettle, dandelion leaves and asparagus extract. They can have a positive influence on the maintenance of the normal urea cycle. The urea cycle is a part of the energy metabolism, in which the resulting metabolites are bound and excreted by the kidneys. The H2Go capsules are to be taken with a lot of water (> 2 litres) spread over the day. This contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and mental performance.

Body Attack BBP-Trio also contains Body Attack Lipo 100 FEM that is composed of different extracts.
  • L-Carnitine
  • Willow Bark Extract
  • Chromium
  • Garcinia Camboggia
  • Guarana Extract
  • Citrus Auratium Extract

1. For whom is BBP-Trio suitable?

The target group for the Body Attack BBP-Trio is particularly large. Of course, strength athletes and bodybuilders, who want to make their workout more effective and search for a suitable dietary supplement for the weak muscle groups, can especially benefit from this supplement. This applies regardless of whether the athletes are amateur or professional bodybuilders. Use of the supplement by women as part of a workout targeted on the problematic areas also makes sense.

Contains 89.6% pertein blend (whey pertein, calcium caseinate, whey pertein hydrolyzate, egg pertein powder)

2. Contains:

500g Power Protein 90, 60 capsules LIPO 100 FEM, 150 capsules H2Go