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Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml
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Body Attack

Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml

  • Low-calorie
  • With essential vitamins
  • With L-Carnitine

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Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml
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Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml

Content: 5000 ml

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Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml
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Low Carb Sports Drink - 5000 ml

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Athletes, in particular, should pay attention to adequate uptake of fluids, as fluid loss, which can lead to impaired physical performance, is caused by intensive exercise. People, who are in diet phases, should also consistently take plenty of fluids. This is because less energy is supplied through the food due to a diet; thus, adequate uptake of fluid should be ensured.

The Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink is a flavoured, low-calorie soft drink that can help to compensate for fluid losses and deficiencies in time and maintain physical performance and muscle function.

In addition, the Low Carb Sports Drink supplies the essential B vitamins (B3, B6). One serving of Low Carb Sports Drink hardly contains any carbohydrates and only 5 calories. The Body Attack Low Carb Drink also contains the Vitaminoid L-Carnitine.

1. Worth knowing: Why is sufficient fluid uptake so important for athletes and diet-conscious people?

Water is the most important nutrient for humans. This is because our body cells will not be supplied with oxygen and nutrients in its absence. Moreover, muscles consist of over 70 percent water, and thus can provide their strength and muscle performance. Water also regulates the body heat, which increases especially upon exertion of muscles. The excess heat generated can be reduced only by the evaporation of water on the skin surface. This requires adequate fluid uptake of at least 1 litre per day. During intense physical activity, the demand may even increase up to 5 litres of fluid. Figure-conscious people should also drink a lot to help their body to excrete the acidic metabolites and the fatigue-inducing substances from the body. Thus, people on a diet should drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily to keep the metabolic function in healthy balance.

2. Worth knowing: How do the B vitamins act?

  1. Vitamin B3 helps delaying fatigue caused by a strenuous workout.
  2. Vitamin B6 is involved both in energy metabolism as well as protein metabolism.

3. Which products can Body Attack Low Carb Sports Drink be combined with best?

  1. With the Body Attack Vitamin C-Depot for normal collagen formation and cartilage formation.
  2. With Body Attack Guarana 3000 with a high caffeine content - before sports or in case of mental exertion.
  3. Body Attack BCAA capsules before and after sports to optimise the amino acid balance during physical exertion.


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