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Body Attack PRE ATTACK 3.0 - 600g Body Attack

1x Body Attack PRE ATTACK 3.0 - 600g

The Pre Workout Booster of the Elite! Body Attacks best training booster with the positive effect of contained caffeine, beta alanine, CREAZ® and Glycopump® Body Attack PRE ATTACK 3.0 - 600g
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Body Attack

PRE ATTACK 3.0 600g

  • Ideal pre-workout booster
  • Muscle Boost Creapure® & ATP TOR®
  • Boost your mental energy

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Product information

Are you looking for the unique training experience with real fuel? The longing for that special pump in your veins is only 45 minutes away. The Pre-Workout Booster PRE-ATTACK 3.0 is your hard trainingpartner who never lets you down! The training booster with tingling effect: so strong and explosive that it puts other pre-workout supplements in the shade. Tunnel vision is a thing of the past: CREAZ®, Glycopump® and Beta Alanine provide for bulging muscle volume and more effective strength gain. The caffeine in the booster also pushes you beyond your performance limits. Iron is hard - you are harder!


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