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Vitamins for the cells – co-enzyme Q10

Co-enzyme Q-10 is an endogenous substance that the body can produce itself and that can also be taken as a part of the daily diet. Normally 3-5 g are consumed with the daily diet. Particularly rich quantities of the co-enzyme Q-10 are found in the flesh of organs such as the liver or in fatty meat, nuts, legumes and many seeds. [Read more]

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Many types of vegetable such as potatoes, cabbage or spinach contain the co-enzyme Q-10, too. But one of the major disadvantages of taking it in daily nutrition is that cooking and frying, strong heat in general, can destroy the co-enzyme.

In structural terms the co-enzyme Q10 has similarities with vitamins K and E. The highest concentrations of Q-10 are found in the human body in the heart, the liver and the lungs as these are the organs requiring the greatest amount of energy.

1. Would you like to find out more about co-enzyme Q10?

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