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Stomach muscles and bikini figures

Are you already happy with your bikini figure or are your stomach muscles still not what they could be? Would you too like a tight tummy with strong abdominal musculature? [Read more]

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You can make it with the tummy trainer from Body Attack. Trained stomach muscles not only look good, they can also ease the strain on the spinal column, help maintain a good posture and prevent back pain – which is why a tummy trainer is just right for anyone. Whether young or old – we can all build up tummy muscles. The compact floor device is a perfect partner in helping with exercise sequences and can be an effective support in training your stomach muscles. It is easy to handle, fits almost anywhere and is a real motivator in sticking to your training regime. The head rest eases the strain on the nape and the intervertebral discs. All regions of your stomach can be trained. Give it a go and test the tummy trainer from Body Attack.

Whether you want a sixpack, good posture or train your abdominal and back musculature – it is all fairly easy!
  • A tummy trainer strengthens the stomach muscles and tightens the abdomen
  • A tummy trainer eases the strain on the spinal column and protects the back
  • A tummy trainer is easy to handle and fits in any room
  • A tummy trainer is good for all regions of the stomach
  • A tummy trainer is suitable for anyone

1. Would you like to find out more about ab trainer?

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