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Cross trainers

Training with a cross trainer is not just fun, it is also a particularly pleasant way of training the whole body. Order a cross trainer from Body Attack here. [Read more]

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The practical cross trainers are now considered among the most popular pieces of training equipment for at home and have even knocked training bikes off the top of the charts. You can use cross trainers to strength your muscles, get fat burning up at top speed and also promote weight loss. Training strengthens the cardiovascular system and the immune system. You can exercise with your home cross trainer any time of the day or night – no matter whether it is raining, snowing windy or absolutely freezing outside.

Try out the cross trainers from Body Attack. If you have any questions about cross trainers, please feel free to contact our experts by chat, telephone or email.
  • Cross trainers exercise the whole body
  • Cross trainers protect and strengthen the joints
  • Cross trainers improve stamina and promote the cardiovascular system
  • Cross trainers help build muscle
  • Cross trainers support diets and weight loss
  • Cross trainers are fun, whatever the weather

1. Would you like to find out more about cross trainers?

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