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State of the art cardio-equipment

These days it is quite easy to achieve a slender and healthy figure as we can draw on state of the art cardio-equipment such as steppers, treadmills, cross trainers and ergometers that soon help melt off those superfluous pounds. [Read more]

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Classic cycling is one of the reasons why ergometers are so popular, as it protects the joints and does not put too high a strain on the cardiovascular system. This form of training is even more effective than the stepping or the up-down movement with rear thrust performed on cross trainers as it involves actually lifting the heel. This exerts the entire leg musculature, just like in walking or Nordic skiing. The numerous different settings mean you are your own personal trainer, helping you finally address the goals you have such as basic stamina, weight loss, burning fat and strengthening the cardiovascular functions.

Test the ergometers from Body Attack and let their quality convince you!
  • Ergometers by Body Attack are practical and easy to handle
  • Ergometers strengthen the cardiovascular system and the immune system
  • Ergometers promote fat burning and weight reduction
  • Ergometers can be set individually
  • Ergometers from Body Attack are robust and high-quality

1. Would you like to find out more about ergometers?

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