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Finally you can fulfil your dream of a personal fitness by installing your very own multi-gym at home. Multi-gyms offer exercises for all areas of your body, whether it be the chest, back, arms, legs or bottom. It really doesn´t matter here whether you dislike the atmosphere in the fitness studio or the weather outside is terrible – multi-gyms let you train whenever you like for as long as you like. Additionally it is easy to change the weights on a multi-gym, saving a lot of time when you move on to the next exercise. Anyone who places high demands in the quality of their training will find just the right fitness equipment here. [Read more]

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Test the multi-gyms from Body Attack now and get your personal home gym for your own four walls.
  • Multi-gyms permit a large number of exercises on just one piece of equipment
  • Multi-gyms are suitable for beginners and experts
  • Multi-gyms can be set individually
  • Multi-gyms optimise training and muscle growth across all regions of your body
  • Multi-gyms let you train whenever you like

1. Would you like to find out more about multi-gym?

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