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Bars against snack attacks

Fancy something sweet but scared of gaining weight? That´s over, now. Here come the Body Attack low carb protein bars. There´s no problem snacking on them, as they come with high protein contents and barely any carbohydrates! Low carb protein bars are suitable for all athletes seeking to maintain their definition and also for diet-conscious people wishing to consume fewer carbohydrates to reduce their body fat index. [Read more]


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Body Attack

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Body Attack
Carb Control-Protein Bar - 100g

The Body Attack Carb Control bar is a delicious chocolate bar, which is ideal for people, who want to have a low-sugar diet.
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Whether as a meal replacement or a snack in-between times – low carb protein bars provide your body with valuable amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Be prepared for your snack attacks and keep your fingers off the unhealthy sugar and fat-rich snacks that would immediately destroy all your dieting success!

The Carb Control protein bar by Body Attack contains 45g of protein, 2.5 net carbs, 100% RDA vitamin complex and is hence one of the favourites among the low carb protein bars! It not only keeps hunger at bay, it also quickly replenishes the amino acid reserves.

1. Would you like to find out more about Low-Carb bars?

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