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Sports Clothing at Body Attack

The collections that Body Attack offers are characterised by high-quality, innovative and, at the same time, trendy products; after all, high-quality sportswear not only looks good, but also supports your training.

Ideal fitness wear convinces with breathable materials and integrated moisture transport systems. Thus, sweat can be absorbed better or transported away from the body. Moreover, it should be comfortable and pleasant to wear - this is the only way to achieve an optimum workout.

Innovative technologies from well-known manufacturers

In addition to the current Body Attack Sports Nutrition Collection, Body Attack has also chosen to offer the sports clothing of popular sportswear manufacturers.

With its odour-stop Technology, Polygiene has been able to convince, for example, the Dcore brand sportswear, which is sold at Body Attack. Under Armour also impresses with materials which feature an integrated moisture transport, four-way stretch and UPF 30+ (UV protection); this means that you do not have to worry about body odour during very intensive workouts. The product range includes, among other things, tights, shorts, shirts, trousers and long-sleeve shirts which are all comfortable to wear and breathable. The sweat is transported away from the skin and the moisture transport system regulates the body temperature.

Trendy look and high-Quality

High-quality and an up-to-date look characterise the complete range of Body Attack training wear. The Labellamafia fitness wear features a very attractive and unusual design, which will really make you stand out during training. Included in the Body Attack range, too, is the Golds Gym brand, which really has achieved cult status in the fitness area. The cool collection was partly named after the founders, Joe Black and Joe White.

These carefully-chosen products mean that you are perfectly equipped for your workout!

You can order your sports and fitness gear at Body Attack now.
Would you prefer to try the sportswear on before purchasing? No problem, just visit us at one of our Body Attack Shops -
we will be delighted to advise you. Just give us a call before you come, so that we can make sure your choice of fitness wear is also available.

Wearing up-to-date, fashionable and high-quality sportswear makes training twice as much fun! In the Body Attack shop, you will find a wide range of functional sportswear from the latest collections of well-known manufacturers.