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Carbohydrates deliver energy

Lots of athletes are perfectly familiar with snack attacks for sweet foods. Carbohydrate bars by Body Attack are just the right product to cater to these urges. They provide an extra portion of energy, also on the go. Hard gainers and endurance athletes are already very familiar with these advantages and are happy to use these products. [Read more]

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The bars are also suitable for people who cannot take any regular meals, but still wish to avoid an energy deficit. The carbohydrate bars can be eaten before or after the training phase and represent a delicious meal for in-between times. They can promote muscle growth (provided sufficient protein is available) and rapidly replenish depleted reserves.

Bars contain numerous proteins in addition to the high carbohydrate content. This increases the amino acid balance in the human body. The tasty carbohydrate bars are perfect to prevent snack attacks. They replenish empty energy reserves and are ideal small meals for people on the go.

1. Would you like to find out more about carbohydrate bars?

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Fitness dictionary

Carb Control - The clever Low-Carb snack!
Body Attack Carb Control: the top alternative to chocolate bars, and the like.Proteinpower for in-between with Carb Control.

Milk Bar - Ideal for dieting and sport!
The Body Attack Milk Bar is a healthy and perfect snack for sport, at work, when you are out and about or on a diet.