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Weight Gainer

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Training Booster

Training boosters that athletes
take before training

Tell the truth: How often have you had to really force yourself to get up from the sofa and get some training done? It doesn´t matter whether you play ball sports (e.g. soccer players, volleyball players or tennis players), are an endurance athlete (e.g. cyclists, track and field athletes or swimmers), strength athlete (e.g. fitness athletes or bodybuilders) or combat athlete (e.g. judoka, boxers or kick boxers): If you get over your sense of fatigue, weariness or a lack of power, you are often rewarded by a real sense of well-being after sport.

In order to force themselves and to boost motivation for sport athletes frequently draw on dietary supplements, commonly known as training boosters. There are very different active ingredients in these supplements (e.g. guarana, caffeine, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, glutamine, creatine or BCAAs) and they come in various forms (e.g. as liquids, powders to mix shakes, tablets or capsules).