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Your perfect sixpack with Power Protein 90

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Whether in a duo or trio pack – the ultimate combination of Power Protein 90, LIPO 100 and Tribulus Extreme as an option make your torso look like it was cast in iron.

It is a proven fact that proteins are involved in muscle growth – and are therefore obligatory for any athlete in the pursuit of power. Proteins also protect the muscle mass you have and contribute to preserving healthy bones.

But it is not just strength athletes and bodybuilders – recreational and also professional athletes from the field of competitive games, combat sports, triathlon and marathon also trust in protein supplements to promote muscle growth processes. And the sixpack bargain packs also keep a good eye on stamina. Taken in its recommended daily dose, the caffeine contained in LIPO 100 helps boost stamina. Caffeine also combats fatigue and helps prevent any lapses in concentration.

1. Would you like to find out more about proteins?

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