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Casein protein for muscle growth

You can buy casein from Body Attack. The body digests casein at a slow rate as it has difficulty splitting the protein structure. The advantage of this slow digestion of caseine is the delayed release of amino acid, hence supplying the body with the amino acids over a prolonged period (6-8 hours). Casein is useful during periods of low calorie intake or nutrient abstention.

In addition to whey protein, casein protein is particularly popular in fitness and strength sports. Casein (lat. caseus = cheese) is the main protein in milk protein and accounts for approximately 80 % of the total quantity in milk. The remaining 20 % is known as whey protein.

Casein is found in everyday foods. For instance low fat quark or cheese receive their solid consistency through the curdling of casein. Casein is indeed a very high-quality protein that can support muscle growth among athletes.

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What makes casein so special?

In contrast to whey protein, casein protein has a high glutamine level and is processed very slowly by the body. If you take casein in the form of a protein shake, then the amino acid level only reaches its maximum after around four hours.

How is casein protein produced?

There are usually two different variations of casein available on the nutritional supplements market. Micellar casein and calcium caseinate are both obtained from milk, but differ in their production process. Micellar casein is a natural protein, in which the protein components are not damaged. It is obtained using micro-filtration. This is a gentle process that uses no chemicals. In contrast, calcium caseinate is pure casein, which is obtained by filtering the protein from milk using so-called acid precipitation. This produces modified casein.

Ultimately, it doesn´t matter which process is used or which type of casein you take. Both micellar casein and calcium caseinate are absorbed very slowly and provide the body with amino acids for several hours. Thus, casein is the ideal protein to take before sleeping.

Occurrence of casein protein

Casein is obtained from cheese (lat. cheese = caseus). Cheese is produced from a specific part of the milk, which is called casein. Natural casein is, for example, found in curd cheese, which is why many bodybuilders and weightlifters like to use curd cheese as a source of protein.