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Body Attack Our new Muscle Pump Booster creation will help you to push yourself beyond your training limits
Body Attack ATTACK<sup>2</sup> - 600g Body Attack ATTACK<sup>2</sup> - 600g
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Body Attack

ATTACK2 - 600g

Our new Muscle Pump Booster creation will help you to push yourself beyond your training limits

  • Pre Workout Booster
  • Muscle Boost Creapure® & ATP TOR®
  • Boost your mental energy

Body Attack ATTACK<sup>2</sup> - 600g Body Attack ATTACK<sup>2</sup> - 600g
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ATTACK2 - 600g

Content: 600g

The content equals a 15 day supply,
when following our recommended dosage.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

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Body Attack ATTACK<sup>2</sup> - 600g Body Attack ATTACK<sup>2</sup> - 600g
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ATTACK2 - 600g

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The sensational Pre-Workout Booster ATTACK2 is an ultra-powerful Muscle Pump Booster with highly effective ingredients , which will take your muscle-building training to the next level. The pump matrix of the Booster will enable you to do your exercises with a higher focus and more control. This in turn will noticeably support muscle contraction which you will experience as a strong muscle pump while training. The contents of the Booster can also delay fatigue, allowing you to train beyond your performance limits. This means that Muscle Pump Booster ATTACK2 enables you to achieve better training results.

1. Product highlights:

  • Ultimate Muscle Pump
  • Effective Pre-Workout Muscle Booster
  • With 200 mg caffeine for a power burst during training
  • 4550 mg Creapure® and 450 mg ATP as energy-boosting nutritional components
  • Amino acid complex citrulline, beta alanine, aspartic acid and L-tyrosine
  • With popular plant extracts like raw cocoa bean extract and quercetine
  • Available in two flavours


2. What is in the Ultra Concentrated Workout Pump Matrix of the ATTACK2 Booster?

The ultra-strong Muscle Pump Booster ATTACK2 contains carefully selected ingredients which help to improve your personal performance during intensive training phases. The following highly-concentrated substances are contained in the Ultra Muscle Pump Booster ATTACK 2:
  • 6000 mg L-citrulline malate
  • 4550 mg creatine monohydrate (Creapure®)
  • 4000 mg beta alanine
  • 2500 mg taurine
  • 2000 mg L-asparagine
  • 2000 mg L-glycine
  • 1500 mg N-acetyl-tyrosine
  • 500 mg raw cocoa bean extract
  • 450 mg free form ATP TOR®
  • 200 mg caffeine


TIP: Combine Body Attack ATTACK2 with the revolutionary muscle growth product BETATOR®, a leucine derivative which is suited for both protein metabolism and muscle growth.

3. How do the individual ingredients of the ATTACK2 Booster work?

Here we would like to introduce the ingredients of the ultra-strong Muscle Pump Booster as well as further important substances, as for example Vitamin C and niacin.

  • Creapure® for more explosive strength
    During training sessions the ultimate Muscle Pump Booster provides your working muscles with creatine from Creapure®. When taken on a regular basis, i.e. at least 3 g of creatine a day, this will enhance your explosive strength. After just a few days of taking creatine before training, you will be able to do more repetitions and lift higher weights..Athletes in particular, who are on a low-carb or ketogenic diet will also experience an extreme muscle pump in addition to an increase in strength. It is important to take the Muscle Pump Booster Attack 2 regularly before training sessions.

  • Muscle Pump ATP Boost Formula
    ATTACK 2 contains the creatine-related substance ATP which is constantly increased with the help of creatine. This means that by taking creatine on a daily basis, your body can constantly produce ATP as a source of energy for your muscles, making your muscles stronger and enabling more intensive contractions. This makes the combination of Creapure and ATP absolutely unbeatable for training muscles. In addition, the Muscle Pump Booster ATTACK2 is equipped with caffeine - which not only gives your muscles a boost but also refreshes the mind, enabling you to focus on your exercises even better. The consequence is a noticeable muscle pump - as the more intensive training pumps more blood into the muscles.

  • Amino acid complex for an enhanced protein and muscle metabolism
    Muscle Pump Booster Attack2 contains both selected amino acids like L-citrulline, L-beta alanine, L-asparagine, L-tyrosine and L-glycine. When you are working out your muscles, these ingredients will enter the protein and muscle metabolism. Taurine is a commonly used ingredient in energy drinks and is an extremely popular substitute for caffeine. Taurine is a component of bile acid (taurocholic acid) in the body which is responsible for the transportation of metabolic end products. As soon as the end products have been disposed of, the metabolic processes can be take place smoothly. L-glycine can be converted into ethanolamine and choline, depending on the metabolic situation. Choline is known as a Vitamin B-like micronutrient which is also involved in energy and fat metabolism processes.

  • Vitamins for intensive training phases
    Especially during intensive training sessions, the metabolic processes are at full blast. This is why we have added Vitamin C and niacin to the booster which can support a normal energy metabolism and immune function during intensive training phases.

  • Caffeine
    The Muscle Pump Booster ATTACK2 provides you with 200 mg caffeine per daily serving; together with niacin it helps to delay the signs of fatigue during intensive training sessions. This allows you to cope more easily with exhausting workouts while at the same time supporting your concentration abilities. The result is that the athlete can push to the limit and beyond.

4. Which products are advisable to be taken with ATTACK2 Booster?

  1. Body Attack Arginine SHOCK for intensive training phases and an increased protein metabolism
  2. Body Attack BCAA 9700 for an increased protein metabolism during intensive training and muscle definition phases
  3. Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 for before and after training, for a better protein supply of the muscles
  4. Body Attack 100 % Whey Protein for before and after training, for supporting muscle growth and muscle maintenance
  5. Body Attack LIPO HARDCORE - the ideal combination for all athletes who want to additionally boost their fat catabolism during training
  6. Body Attack BETATOR® - the revolution among the muscle growth products Perfect for all who want more.


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