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4250350524152 Body Attack High-quality zinc supplement for the immune system
Body Attack Zinc PRO - 180 Caps Body Attack Zinc PRO - 180 Caps
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Body Attack

Zinc PRO - 180 Caps

High-quality zinc supplement for the immune system

  • Zinc in capsule form
  • For hair/skin/nails
  • Plus Vitamins B & C

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Body Attack Zinc PRO - 180 Caps Body Attack Zinc PRO - 180 Caps
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Zinc PRO - 180 Caps

Content: 180 capsules

The content equals a 180 day supply,
when following our recommended dosage.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

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Zinc PRO - 180 Caps

Body Attack Zinc PRO - 180 Caps Body Attack Zinc PRO - 180 Caps
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Zinc PRO - 180 Caps

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For athletes in particular, the compound zinc is of particular significance as it provides a number of benefits for training. Zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis, and is therefore, involved in muscle growth. Moreover, zinc ensures that a normal level of testosterone is maintained in the blood, as well as preservation of the bones. The substance also has a positive impact on the hair, the skin and the nail. Zinc supplements are also of particular interest to athletes as they contribute towards a normal Vitamin A metabolism, and thus utilisation of vitamins.

Another important property of zinc relates to the immune defence. This can be aided by taking supplements such as Body Attack Zinc Professional. Zinc can contribute towards a normal functioning of the immune system in athletes. Illnesses and long breaks in training can be avoided as a result of this. However, zinc is also important thanks to its antioxidant properties. In principle, intense workouts and the associated formation of free radicals may pose the risk of damage to the cells of the body. If zinc deficiency can be avoided by taking a zinc-containing supplement, this can also help to protect the cells against oxidative stress at the same time.

Taking zinc in products like Body Attack Zinc Professional is useful for a wide range of athletes. These as much include amateurs as professional body-builders, strength athletes as much as endurance athletes, and many other athletes. Many sportsmen are particularly discerning when it comes to composition of the diet. As such, sportsmen need more proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids to complete their workout successfully. It is muscle growth and improvement in stamina and endurance that are always the target of these efforts. Zinc also plays a role in this context. Ultimately, zinc is one of the essential trace elements, and should therefore not be missing in the daily diet.

What are the other substances still active in the Body Attack Zinc Professional?

One capsule Body Attack Zinc Professional contains 25 mg zinc and 80 mg Vitamin C, which can protect the muscle cells against oxidative stress during physical exertion. Furthermore, it also contains the B-Vitamin pantothenic acid which plays a role in normal formation and normal metabolism of steroid hormones, Vitamin D and neurotransmitters. The Body Attack Zinc Professional is rounded off by an amino-complex of L-Histidine and L-Cysteine.

With what products can the Body Attack Zinc Professional be combined best?
  • In combination with the Body Attack 3-XT Protein, a multi-component protein with creatine, which can help build muscular mass.
  • Together with Body Attack BCAA Shots before workout, which provide whey proteins for the increase in muscular mass.
  • In conjunction with the Body Attack Power Protein 90, the all-rounder among fitness shakes with biologically high-value proteins, which may contribute to preservation and development of muscular mass.


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