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Time for some dumbbells!

Dumbbells help you get to grips with your muscle growth! [Read more]

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They are practical and simple training equipment you can use to exercise many different areas of your body. Whether you are a power or fitness athlete – these are doubtless the most popular pieces of fitness gear as the exercises can be performed individually and at any time. Even just two days of dumbbell training per week combined with stamina training – and you´ll be in the best shape of your life.

Every bodybuilder started training with dumbbells, and you´ll still find them in their training regimes. This is why short and long dumbbells are indispensable for any athlete seeking to maintain a good physique. Training can be structured in many different, varied ways by the use of alternating weights or bars, and it truly will get your body sweating. Working with weights places high demands in strength, concentration and coordination. In some cases it even activates more muscle fibres than in equipment training.

1. Would you like to find out more about dumbbells?

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